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Under Lee's Shadow

Lee Statue Cover Design_edited.jpg

Under Lee's Shadow - my new Work in progress. Enjoy

My new contemporary novel is set at the brink of the Black Lives Matter movement that coalesced at the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, Virginia in the summer of 2020. Richmond is conflicted and so is Hillman Smythe, a privileged descendant of founding families in the capital city. Hillman has faced several recent personal setbacks but is drawn to a young protester, Toni, who he aids despite his gun-toting, far right neighbor Norm, a runaway wife, and a daughter in critical care. Under Lee’s Shadow bears down on a man and his family facing adversity during a unique time in a southern city.   


Under Lee’s Shadow examines the upheaval many Americans faced in 2020 through a wry lens of young and old, black and white, privileged and impoverished; all part of the same community and who live under the shadow of a once beloved and larger than life statue.

I have the beutiful print above in my home as a reminder of a special time and place. It's by: 

RVA Coffee Stain

The Artwork of Doug Orleski

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